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#NoEastieSubstation #bospoli

Momentum for the #NoOnQ2Eastie campaign has grown with voting underway in the last week, gaining support from organizations, residents, and candidates City-wide.  Eversource proposes to build an electric substation at Condor St. on the Chelsea Creek in East Boston, a widely opposed location. Decisions around the substation illustrate basic questions of the City’s commitment toContinue reading “#NoEastieSubstation #bospoli”


Residents Rally; Urge Voters to Vote “No” on Question 2 by John Lynds • October 26, 2021 • East Boston Times Free Press On Saturday, East Boston activists and elected officials joined together at American Legion Park, East Eagle Street to urge voters to vote “NO” on the upcoming question that will appear on the November Ballot during Boston’sContinue reading “#NoEastieSubstation”


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